NIOS Revaluation of Answer Sheet

NIOS Verification of Marks

  1. Verification of marks in any particular subject. The verification will be restricted to checking whether all answers have been evaluated and that there has been no mistake in the totaling of marks for each question in that subject and that the marks have been transferred correctly on the title page of the answer book and to the award list and whether the supplemen­tary answer book(s) attached with the answer books mentioned by the candidate are intact. No re-valuation of the answer book or supplementary answer book(s) shall be done.
  2. Such an application must be made by the candidate within 30 days from the date of the declaration of common results and not from the date of individual result due to correction, UFM/Mass copying decision etc.
  3. All such applications must be accompanied by payment of fee as prescribed by the NIOS i.e. Rs.200/- per subject.
  4. No candidate shall claim. Or be entitled to, revaluation of his/her answers or disclosure or inspection of the answer book(s) or other documents.
  5. A candidates shall not be entitled to refund of fee unless as result of the verification his/her marks are changed. The refund where permissible will be made on receipt of such request only.
  6. In no case the verification of marks shall be done in the presence of the candidate or any one else on his/her behalf, nor will the answer books be shown to him/her to his/her representative.
  7. The marks, on verification will be revised upward or downward, as per the actual marks obtained by the candidate in his/her answer book.
  8. The communication regarding the revision of the marks, if any, shall be sent to the candidate within a reasonable period of time.
  9. The NIOS will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any inconvenience caused to the candidate, consequent on the revision of marks or delay in communications for reasons beyond control.
  10. The NIOS shall revise the marks statement in respect of such candidates after the previous marks statement is returned by the candidate.
  11. The decision of the Chairman on the result of the verification of marks shall be final.
Secondary   Senior Secondary
Code Subject Code Subject
201 Hindi 301 Hindi
202 English 302 English
203 Bengali 306 Urdu
  311 Maths
204 Marathi 312 Physics
205 Telugu 313 Chemistry
206 Urdu 314 Biology
207 Gujarati 315 History
208 Kannada 316 Geography
209 Sanskrit 317 Pol. Science
210 Punjabi 318 Economics
211 Maths 319 Commerce
212 Science 320 Accountancy
213 Social Science 321 Home Science
214 Economics 322 Typing (Hindi)
215 Commerce 323 Typing (English)
216 Home Science 324 Steno (Hindi)
217 Typing (Hindi) 325 Steno (English)
218 Typing (English) 326 Secretarial Practice
219 Word Processing 327 Word Processing
220 Bengali Typing 328 Psychology
221 Typewriting (Urdu) 329 Stenography (Urdu)
231 Nepali 330 Computer Science
232 Malayalam 331 Sociology
233 Oriya 332 Painting
235 Arabic    

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